The Lucky One

31 The Lucky One

Plot: A Marine travels to Louisiana after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war. (via IMDB)

Cast: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, Riley Thomas Stewart, Jay R. Ferguson, Adam LeFevre, Robert Hayes

Directed by Scott Hicks

Written by Will Fetters

Rated  PG-13 for some sexuality and violence

Release Date: April 20th 2012

Runtime: 101 min

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

66 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World copy

Plot: As an asteroid nears Earth, a man finds himself alone after his wife leaves in a panic. He decides to take a road trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart. Accompanying him is a neighbor who inadvertently puts a wrench in his plan. (via IMDB)

Cast: Steve Carell, Keira Knightley, Adam Brody, Connie Britton, Melanie Lynskey, Patton Oswald, Gillian Jacobs, Martin Sheen

Directed by Lorene Scafaria

Written by Lorene Scafaria

Rated  R for language including sexual references, some drug use and brief violence

Release Date: June 22nd 2012

Runtime: 101 min